We can all use a little support.

Sometimes we need someone to hold space for us when we’re not feeling our best, when we’re confused, tired, feeling stuck, and seeking answers everywhere but within ourselves. I know it can feel nearly impossible to listen to yourself when you’re burnt out, overworked, and utterly out of touch with what you even want in life anymore - because I’ve been there.

Maybe you’re asking yourself questions like:

Why am I not feeling my best?

Why don’t the things that I used to enjoy, the things that used to light me up, do so anymore?

When did things take a turn from working to not working?

Why are things moving so slowly and why am I so confused about what to do next?

These are all questions I’ve asked myself before, and each time I went looking for the answers outside of myself, the answers were nowhere to be found. It was when I went looking within myself, that the answers began to emerge with clarity. I’ve been fortunate to work with teachers and healers that always direct me back to myself for this innate wisdom and when you work with me, I will do the same for you.

The answers we seek are within each of us, and sometimes what we need is someone to hold space for us. Someone who will provide us with support and guidance that leads us back to ourselves and the wisdom within us.

Breathwork is a practice that has brought me back to myself and continues to guide me back myself time and time again. It’s helped me dig deep into my emotional body where the baggage and trauma I’ve carried around most of my life without knowing it hides out. It’s taught me how to hold space for myself and accept where I'm at in my own personal evolution, and it’s through this kind of healing that I’ve opened up to receive my own answers.

And guess what? I believe that it can do the same for you too! I would love to show you how.

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