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Private Sessions

There are a few ways to work with me one on one - through Breathwork Healing Sessions, Softening Sessions, which are both available to purchase as individual session, or through my program Held From Within [enrollment is currently closed - click here to sign up for the newsletter to be notified the next time something like Held From Within is offered].

Below you can read more about Breathwork Healing Sessions & Softening Sessions [keep scrolling] and choose which one feels right for you. If you have any questions about which type of session to choose or questions about anything else, please feel free to email me at so I can assist you.

Breathwork Healing Sessions

Private Breathwork Healing Sessions last 75 minutes for Individuals and 90 minutes for Couples. Virtual sessions are available from the comfort of your home wherever in the world that may be. In person sessions are currently available with limited availability - please see below for where I’ll be offering them in the coming months.

Scroll down to read more about Breathwork Healing Sessions in the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

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Softening Sessions

Softening Sessions are 60-minute guidance sessions to aid you in navigating whatever you currently need support with in your life. 

What you can expect during your session:

  • To connect and ground into your current experience

  • To be guided to listen to the answers you have within you

  • To feel supported wherever you’re at in your process

  • To receive clear intuitive guidance

  • A judgement-free space to fully arrive in

What you’ll get from your session:

  • 60-minutes of my undivided attention and support

  • Suggested action steps to move forward with when appropriate and applicable

  • Clarity and peace of mind around the situation(s) you’re navigating

These sessions can be especially supportive if you are:

  • You’re going through a life-transition or craving a big shift in your life such as a physical move, career change, relationship change, etc.

  • You’re working with stress, anxiety, low self-worth, and/or feeling lost and confused by intense emotions

  • You’re seeking additional support prior to, after, or in between Breathwork Healing Sessions

These sessions are held virtually via Zoom or by phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect during my breathwork session?

Private Breathwork Healing Sessions with me begin with us connecting and talking about where you’re at in your life, what’s coming up for you, and what your intention for the session is. If this is unclear for you, we’ll do some digging and uncover it together. Then, I’ll teach you the breathing, have you lie down and guide you through it, all set to a curated playlist. While you breathe, I hold clear, safe, intentional space for you and will be guiding and supporting you the whole time. After you’ve completed the breathing portion, we’ll reconnect and you’ll have the opportunity to share anything that came up for you and ask any questions you may have. You will leave your session with some intuitive guidance from me and some ways to care for yourself after the session.

What Are some of the benefits I could receive from a breathwork Healing session?

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Clear thinking and clarity

  • Feelings of lightness and joy

  • Emotional release

  • Empowerment

  • Grounding

  • + More

What is the difference between an in person vs. virtual session?

In person and virtual sessions are nearly the same and are both equally as powerful and effective. Believe me, I used to think that in person sessions were more impactful, but after receiving these kinds of sessions virtually myself, I’ve been blown away by how impactful both are!

I Can’t decide Whether to book an in person or a virtual session - What do you Suggest?

I recommend going with your gut or with whichever initially sounded best to you. If you can make it in person and that’s what initially sounded best to you - great! I’d love to meet and work with you that way. If you’re not based in NYC and I won’t be in your area in the near future, but you’ve been wanting to try this ‘Breathwork stuff,’ and/or you’re someone who prefers to do/receive healing work from the comfort of your own home, then I encourage you to book a virtual session! Virtual sessions allow you to take travel time and stress out of the equation and it can be really nurturing to already be in your own space right after your session.

Either way, pick what works best for you and don’t let distance get in the way of receiving the healing you seek.