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“My Breathwork session with Maya was truly magical. I had no idea how important it is to be able to use breath as a tool to breathe with your body and for your body. It was unlike any experience I have ever had and being a energetic healer myself, it was so important for me as a human being to be able to connect with myself in this way. This would not have been possible if it wasn't for Maya and her loving support and the safe space that she held for me while I dove deep into this breathwork with her. She is a skilled healer and guide. She was able to assist me when I needed it and also allowed me the comfort and space to arrive where I needed to be with myself. Only a gifted healer can do that for their clients. For Breathwork itself, I have found a new meaning with word and work it can do. The breath goes beyond our day to day lives.

I highly recommend a session with Maya no matter where you think you are in your life. It is so profound and powerful and makes you remember what it’s like to reside within yourself, for yourself.” 

— CHRISTINA LOVELY, Reiki Master & Energy Healer, christinalovely.com

"Your breath is your most potent medicine. 

Maya holds the most exquisite space for her clients to drop into their healing. She is so incredibly intuitive, grounded & nurturing. I felt seen and heard by her non-judgmental presence. We journeyed through so many different layers. At times it was very emotional and heavy/intense and other times it was light and expansive. What a gift she is bringing to this world!"

— RACHEL FELSON, Certified Rolfer, rachelfelson.com



“Maya is like a masseuse of the mind and you can tell she loves to heal people. For anyone who is interested in self growth / connectedness I would highly recommend Maya.

— MEGAN O'DELL, Business Consultant

Excerpt from The Chill Times article, Four Up-and-Coming NYC Healers You Haven’t Heard of Yet:

“When I met [Maya] for our first session, I anticipated possible lightheadedness or deep relaxation. I was shocked how much came up for me and attribute it to her strength and ability to hold space.

The session with [Maya] started by discussing how I was feeling and what was going on with me emotionally. This subconsciously helped my mind send the breath to different parts of my body during our session that needed to release. [Maya] guided me to a comfortable lying position, where I began a 3-part, fast-paced breathing sequence that I would use for the next 30 minutes. The body sensations ranged from tingling in my hands and feet to want to scream and cry. The session wasn’t painful, I felt as if there were parts of my body that were waking up that had been emotionally closed off.

When the session ended I felt like I was drunk on life, something energetically had shifted and I was totally at ease.

— LAUREN GRISANTI, Healer, Writer, & Host of the 7 Directions Podcast, laurengrisanti.com



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