You Don't Have to be Ready to Get Started


You don’t have to be ready to get started.

This idea came to my mind like a lightning bolt that wanted to be shared today. I think a lot of times, we will wait for the perfect timing, opportunity, or moment to do something we want to do. While I am a strong believer in patience and allowing for divine timing to unfold, I am also a recovering perfectionist and if I let that programming take the lead, I’d be waiting for the perfect moment that might never come.

Over the years I’ve learned to fine-tune my ability to listen to my intuition and interpret all the information my nervous system is constantly providing me with. So, now it is a whole lot easier to identify when I’m holding back due to old perfectionist programming, and when I’m holding back because the timing truly isn’t right. This takes practice and it’s something I still actively work on, but the messages are much clearer to me than they once were. It’s also required me to make leaps before my mind feels like I’m ready for them. Sometimes I still wait longer than I need to, but I’m grateful that in the end, I always end up acting on my soul’s desires, even when I can’t see the entire picture.

Thinking back to about a year and a half ago, I was so ready to leave my office job. It was draining me in every which way and the thought of staying became worse than the thought of leaving. It was taking every ounce of my energy to show up every day leading up to my departure, which ended up being a decision that was made for me [I was let go, two weeks before I was planning to resign - read all about that here]. Leading up to that, I had decided to take the leap. Not because I felt entirely ready, there was a part of me that still felt like I wasn’t ready to pursue offering healing work full time and build a business that I didn’t have a perfect 5 year plan for [or even a 1 year plan to tell you the truth], but because my soul could no longer go on living the way I had been. My intuition was getting louder and louder and it needed me to listen. It needed me to take action and that meant getting started where I could. And that’s what I did. I took the leap, starting without being ready.

Does this resonate with you? If so, I bet you’re considering making a change in your life. Whether that change is big or small, I bet it feels pretty darn big to you. What I want you to know from what I’ve shared here, is that you may never feel fully ready. Especially if you have perfectionist tendencies, then you’ll probably never feel it’s time even though your soul is making it loud and clear what you need to do. And if that’s the case, I bet it’s a call to strengthen your intuition, your trust muscle, and that only happens through actively changing how you do things.

If you feel you need support or have no clue where to start, but you know something has got to change, well, I’m here for you. That’s why I created Held From Within, my 4-Week 1:1 program, so that you can stop feeling stuck, and start getting clear and to begin taking action where you need to. If this sounds like you, I’d love to work with you in the healing container we will create together. This work can be lifechanging. I know because it changed mine in the best ways.

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