Conscious Travel Essentials


Isn’t travel is wonderful?! It can inspire new creativity, show you new perspectives, and open you up to new ideas about what your life can be. Along with all the wonderful things that travel can be, it can also be exhausting, testing, and even limit the ways in which you care for yourself.

If you’re just joining along now, I want to update you by sharing a bit on where I’m at in my journey. Nearly five months ago now, my partner and I left our cozy little apartment in NYC, got rid of a lot of stuff and put what remained in storage, packed up our car and headed out west. We first spent two months in Santa Fe, NM, followed by a month in New Orleans, LA, looping back to the East Coast before flying off to Lisbon, Portugal and then to Greece where we spent just under two weeks on a very special and lesser known island. After returning to the East Coast for a week-long stopover, we flew out west again to Seattle for a wedding on Orcas Island, back to Seattle for a couple days, and then trained down to Portland, OR where we now have landed for a full month. 

Having started this journey out by car to train to plane, to ferry, etc. we have been nudged to downsize what we have on us more and more. Since we left the East Coast for Europe we’ve been living out of the same carry-on size suitcases and one backpack each. Yes, you heard that right. For nine weeks we are each living off of what fits in a carry-on size suitcase and one backpack per person. So, it got me thinking. I share a lot about my personal healing journey, the good and the shadowy, but I also love to share about tools, resources, and new things I’ve learned that have made an impact on me and in my life in hopes that they could be beneficial to you too!

So, today I want to share with you some of what has provided some anchoring while actively traveling and moving around. Here I present you with my current Conscious Travel Essentials:

Daily Probiotics :: Taking a high quality daily probiotic has always been in my arnsenal, but after feeling like my gut flora was in a healthy place and that I was receiving ample probiotics from my diet, I had taken a break from taking them regularly. Then a couple months ago, after doing everything I could to fight a persistent infection naturally, I decided to take antibiotics and knowing very well that my healthy gut flora may have been compromised, I began taking a daily probiotic once again. It was perfect timing, because we were about to embark on international travel and daily probiotics have always been an ally when traveling. In the case of traveling with probiotics, you’ll want to choose one that is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated.

Here are two that I’ve recently used that my body has responded very well to and are super clean without any funky fillers and such:

Daily Travel Elixirs made with Herbal Tinctures & Liquid Supplements :: There is no one-size-fits-all for this one, but it is a way I like to help my body adapt to all the moving around and environmental changes it experiences with this nomadic lifestyle. During the cross country road trips and active travel in Europe where we were spending barely more than a couple nights in any same accommodation, I found it especially important to commit to drinking a travel elixir concoction to start each day. I change these up based on what my body needs most at the time, but below gives you an idea of what I may include in them. I like to use these elixirs as an opportunity to practice checking in with my body to see what it needs and adjusting as needed. I encourage you to do the same, because you know your body best!:

  • Anima Mundi Herbals Tonics - Anima Mundi Herbals makes some of my favorite herbal tonics that I like to take regularly. Two of my favorites which I’ve used while traveling recently are their Blood Cardio Tonic for inflammation, blood & immune support and Adaptogenic Tonic for stress & immune support. They have a handful of other tonic blends to support common needs, all of which I imagine are as wonderful as the two I’ve mentioned.

  • Tincture from a local herb shop - I love to buy products from trusted brands, but I also like to visit local herb shops when I arrive to a new temporary home as a way to receive support from the place I am staying and to address what I need support with at the time. Most recently, on my second day in Portland, OR, I looked up a few local herb shops and visited one that is walking distance from where we’re staying. I walked in and resonated with the woman working there, so I decided to tell her what I was thinking of getting to make as in infusion and asked her opinion. After talking for a bit, we decided a tincture would be more appropriate for addressing the anxiety and stress that had recently bubbled up for me. Together we decided on a blend of herbs with grounding, anti-anxiety & heart-opening qualities for the tincture and she blended them for me on the spot. I’ve been taking the blend for a week now and it’s gently calmed my nervous system and helped me to get out of the fight-or-flight mode I had been in. I’ll likely be going back when I finish the bottle to see if another round of that blend or something else could serve me best next.

  • ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops- I like to add a few drops of trace minerals to my elixir to supplement for what my diet and/or drinking water may not be providing me with at the time. I love that these drops include magnesium, which can help with digestion and sleep, especially when moving between so many different time zones and regularly flying. You can read more about exactly what these trace minerals can do for you here.

  • Liquid Chlorophyll - I started taking liquid chlorophyll regularly when we first arrived in Santa Fe, NM to aid with acclimating to living 7,000+ feet above sea level. Chlorophyll is a blood builder that delivers oxygen into our bloodstream and aids with acclimation to altitude and can also be helpful in supporting our bodies when flying. Additionally, I have enjoyed taking it while driving cross country when my options for healthy, fresh produce are limited and I want to ensure I’m getting at least a little something green into my body.

Chlorella :: I’ve taken Chlorella on and off for years. It’s a supplement I often forget about, but when I rediscover it, I am always grateful for how it supports me. Chlorella is an algae that is a great source of protein. It is high in chlorophyll and aids the body in general detoxing. While traveling so much this summer, I’ve been taking 6 tablets a day to supplement for similar reasons as with Liquid Chlorophyll. I like to get Chlorella in the form of broken cell wall tablets like the one linked above. 

Hydrosol Spray :: I use a hydrosol spray daily as a toner before applying my face oil, but I also like to keep one in my carryon bag when flying. As you likely already know, flying is incredibly dehydrating for our bodies and especially the skin. I like to spray my face with hydrosol while flying and at the airport to freshen up and give my skin a little extra plump. I use all different kinds of hydrosols to meet my skin’s specific needs. I recently picked up an Ojai White Sage Hydrosol from Wildcare at a shop here in Portland and I’m really loving its antiseptic, cleansing, yet not too drying affect on my skin. The line is ethically wildcrafted and it looks like they may have discontinued the Ojai White Sage Hydrosol, but they have a handful of other options that I’m sure are just as wonderful. I’m eager to try their Rosemary & Bay, Purple Lavender, and Western Red Cedar variations too - you can see the whole line of Wildcare hydrosols here.

Some other brands that make hydrosols I love are Onurth Skincare [based out of the Hudson Valley in New York] and Mountain Rose Herbs if you want an especially economical option. 

High-Quality Face Oil :: This is a must-have for me ALWAYS. I’ve used face oil or serum as my daily moisturizer for years now and I love trying out new ones based on my skins shifting needs. Over the past few months we’ve been in many different climates, across a few seasonal changes, so finding an oil that can adjust with these shifts has been very important. I’ve most recently been using Sunday Riley’s Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil which, as it states in its title, is high in antioxidants and has served my skin well in the hot humidity of New Orleans to the dry heat in Greece, and now in the moderate, enjoyable summer weather of Portland. Oh, and it’s kept me moisturized on flights! This oil was recommended to me by an incredible holistic esthetician in New Orleans, Jennifer of Ritual Body Wellness. She is a gem and so knowledgeable about skin, overall health, diet, etc. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend paying her a visit!

Herbal Tea :: I always like to have a variety of single serve tea bags on me when I travel. Especially on flights when I’m in need of some comfort, nourishment, and extra hydration. I usually have some sort of ginger or mint tea for digestion and inflammation, something with chamomile and/or lavender for when I need a chill pill, and a women’s cycle health related tea. The teas I’ve linked are from Traditional Medicinals, which is a brand I love because they are all organic and I can usually find them in just about any grocery store in a pinch.

I’ve found that a lot of hotels in Europe and roadside hotels I’ve stayed in when road tripping include breakfast and often have tea bags available. So, if you’re running low, that’s a great opportunity to grab a few extra tea bags for the road - being conscious to leave some for others, of course! 

Activated Charcoal Capsules :: I just reintroduced these to my on-the-road pharmacy bag after reading about it as a travel ally recently. When traveling and being on the road, my diet has been all over the place. Sometimes my best options are what may otherwise be the ‘worst’ options normally, but I do the best I can. Typically, my digestion is strong, but sometimes you eat something and you just feel off afterwards. Or maybe you go to a wedding and have a few too many drinks… and, well, that’s when Activated Charcoal comes in! I do not take this regularly and it is not recommended to take more than a few days in a row, but I love having it on hand for those occasions when I need help detoxing and drawing out any toxins I may have consumed that have my stomach feeling uneasy. These can easily be picked up from most health food stores or a local Whole Foods. 

There you have it! A list of what’s been aiding me along on this big lifestyle switch to being more nomadic. I believe that all these things can be helpful for long term or short term travel and I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration for what can be conscious travel essentials for you!

*DISCLAIMER: I am not licensed medical care provider and I am not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider.