The Chill Times: Four Up-and-Coming NYC Healers You Haven't Heard Of Yet

I was recently featured in The Chill Times as one of Four Up-and-Coming NYC Healers You Haven’t Heard Of Yet! This is my first article feature and it’s very exciting. If you haven’t already, you can read the full article on their site here.

The author of this article is the very sweet soul, Lauren Grisanti, who has become a new friend after we connected through a community we both have engaged in. She is also the host of 7 Directions podcast, where she interviews entrepreneurs, makers, and healers. She has such a grounding presence that really shines in her conversations on the podcast. Definitely check it out!

In this feature, Lauren writes about her experience in a private Breathwork session with me and I think she does a great job at explaining what it was like for her and what she got from the session. If you’ve been curious about trying a session or coming to a group yourself, this is a great article to learn more about what the experience is like with me. So, check out the article, check out Lauren’s podcast, and if you want to connect with me me, please feel free to reach out in the comments here, or if you need support and want to try a Breathwork session you can book one here.

Happy belated Fall Equinox [or Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere] and much love to you.