Grounding: What's All the Hype and How Do I Do It?


Grounding. It's a buzz word these days in the wellness sphere, but you may be wondering what it is exactly, what it means, and how you can feel grounded yourself. I talk about grounding a lot and it's very important to me especially with all the chaos in the cosmos we've been moving through. To me, grounding is an embodiment in yourself and a feeling of being connected to your own energy. The earth is a very grounding force, and for me I feel most grounded when I am surrounded by nature. As a Taurus sun with quite a bit of other earthy influences in my astrological chart, I am often told that I have a very grounding presence and energy. While that's how I may come off to others, that's not always how I feel. Grounding for me takes practice in the form of dedicated presence and consciousness of myself and my surroundings, and it takes effort to maintain that grounded connection. There are a few practices I've been incorporating into my life that have had a dramatic effect on how quickly and strongly I can embody a more grounded state, of which I'm sharing here:

FEET ON THE GROUND [aka earthing] :: this may seem almost comically simple, but placing my bare feet on the ground as frequently as possible has such a deeply grounding effect on me. Growing up in Southern California, I could run around barefoot almost year round in my family's back yard, at the beach, in the park, but it wasn't till I moved to NYC that I noticed my craving for being in nature and being outdoors really stemmed from my lack of connection to the earth and little opportunity to be barefoot on the earth [grass, soil, sand, etc.]. Since the weather warmed up in spring, I make an effort to get myself to a patch of grass as frequently as possible. I'll take a walk or run to a favorite park of mine in our neighborhood and reward myself by taking off my shoes and socks for full flat foot contact with the grass or soil. Then, I just sit and bring my consciousness to the feeling of my feet on the ground. That's it! So simple, completely free, and so grounding

ESSENTIAL OILS + SPRAYS :: I absolutely love using essential oils with a carrier oil or in a spray version for gently shifting my state of being. If I'm stressed, I'll smell some lavender oil [a tried and true ally]. If I'm feeling cloudy, tired, and need some energizing, I'll smell something citrusy or a warming herb like rosemary. For grounding, I find that a combination of an earthy, woodsy smell and a calming herbaceous scent works best. One of my teachers, David Elliott, mixes his own essential oil blends and sprays, which I use in private sessions and groups. One I love to use with clients and in my own life is his 1st chakra grounding spray. It's great to spray before I do Breathwork, meditate, or even to settle my energy before focusing on something


MEDITATION :: I've been introduced to and have practiced endless meditations over the years, but what tends to be my most practiced technique is similar to mindfulness meditation. I'm often drawn to this type of mediation as it does not expect you to turn off your thoughts, or even ignore them. It's more of a witnessing of the mind to get in touch with your current state of being. From there the only goal is to not engage with or latch onto the thoughts. Just sit, breath, and witness. Headspace is great tool to get you started with this type of meditation if you're new to it or intimidated to start on your own. I've found this is the most simple meditation technique to get in touch with where my mind, body, and energy is at. After allowing my mind to do its thing without judgement, I usually feel much more connected to myself, present, and therefore more grounded