4 Tools to Support Your Healing Journey

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Okay, so you've recognized that something isn't quite right and needs to change. Maybe you're feeling burnt out, uninspired, anxious, sad, unmotivated, and maybe just overall lost - but where to begin? Well, you made it this far and you're reading about how you can support your healing journey, so props to you on that. Whether you've already begun seeking resources, like healers and practices that can help you heal, or you're just beginning to research and investigate things you can incorporate into your life to begin your healing journey. The practices, tools, and simple actions below are some that begin with something that is always with us - ourselves. These are some things that have helped and continue to help me in my personal healing journey, and maybe they'll provide you with some inspiration on yours:

CREATE BOUNDARIES :: carving out time and space for you to connect with yourself, what your feeling, and maybe receive some clarity as to what you're working with, has been integral to my healing journey. In the beginning, I felt that I could no longer be expending my energy and committing to as much as I had been. It felt uncomfortable to take a step back, beginning to say 'no' to anything that I wasn't truly excited to do, and for things that I didn't immediately have the option to not do, I began looking into how I could eventually do less of them and slowly backed away. This was a sticky process at first, but over time, it became easier and easier, and eventually, those around me began to respect the space I was taking for myself. By setting boundaries, you can create space for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, to slow down, and allow for the possibility of a new version of self to emerge

GIVE IN TO REST :: when you're not feeling great, or you start to feel super stressed out and anxious, it's easy to throw yourself into activities and situations that cover up or mask those uncomfortable feelings. You may try to counteract sadness or dissatisfaction with escapist behaviors. Don't get me wrong, we all do it. I'm a victim of it and I still do this (it's usually when I'm dealing with resistance). But I've realized that when I'm in that space, that space where I want to drown out whatever doesn't feel good, that's when I need to rest. So, instead of going out this weekend or trying to accomplish a million things in your free time, do what you absolutely need to do and then take time for yourself to do whatever feels restorative and nourishing. Creating boundaries can set up for the opportunity to rest too (it's all connected). Rest doesn't always need to mean staying home and doing nothing. It can be active and social too. It's different for everyone, but be sure to give your body the slowdown and rest that it needs, whatever that looks like for you

TREAT YOURSELF :: after creating boundaries and taking time for rest, you'll probably find that you've moved away from a lot of things that used to feel indulgent for you, things that you viewed as 'treats.' If that's the case, I think it's important to find ways to treat yourself consciously. Choosing yourself and choosing to grow can be hard work and it deserves celebration after all. You could treat yourself by booking a massage, facial, mani/pedi, or other relaxing treatment; getting some watercolor paints and a new paint pad (I just did this last week) for new creativity and fun; gathering ingredients and making a delicious Cacao CBD Nut Mylk Latte like the one you saw on a blogger's Instagram feed; or my personal favorite, planning a weekend getaway by yourself or with loved ones to an Airbnb near nature where you can cook delicious meals, go on hikes, explore a new town, watch the sunset, etc. I found that when I stopped indulging in things that weren't filling me up, like spending time drinking at the bar with friends, my bank account started to drain less quickly without much effort. Of course, if drinking with friends at the bar is still your thing and fills you up, have at it! Just be sure to check in with yourself and make sure it is truly what you want to do and not just what you're used to doing or feel like you should do


BREATHE :: breathing the most simple, innate tool we have to bring us into the present moment. I began using my breath as a tool to self soothe at a very young age. I remember my mother and grandma telling me in the middle of a meltdown to "Breathe, just breathe, focus on your breath." Time and time again, it would bring me back from whatever panic I was experiencing and ground me into the now. My relationship with my breath has evolved and I now use it and share it as a way to quiet the mind, access emotions, get clarity, and heal using a very conscious and active breath meditation. But even the most simple act of bringing my attention to my natural breathing or gently elongating my exhale, no matter where I am, can bring me back to earth and back to myself when I feel far away and detached

If you're feeling called to begin your healing journey or want to dive deeper, I look forward to connecting with you over a session where we will let the breath to do the work.