Wellness Podcasts I Love

Photo taken by Maya Keane

Photo taken by Maya Keane


When I've been asked for some resources to start diving into the wellness and healing space, I've found that I usually recommend podcasts. This is no surprise, as when I was previously working at my office job in Midtown Manhattan, the commute was sometimes the only opportunity I had to get outside inspiration for my self discovery and healing journey. So, podcasts became a main source for learning new things, digging deeper into topics that intrigued and interested me, being introduced to new modalities for healing or spiritual growth practices and tools. The podcasts I've listened to has shifted over the past couple years, as I learn about new ones and my areas of interest shift, but they've played a huge role in expanding what I thought was possible in building a career in the healing/wellness world, helped me deepen my understanding of certain topics [i.e., astrology, human design], and even introduced me to healers that I've worked with personally. Here's a list of my consistent wellness podcast favorites that I listen to regularly or return to over and over again:

Raw Talk with Sheena :: Sheena Manina is the owner of Raw Republic Juice and host of Raw Talk. She is warm, smart, and openly quirky, making her incredibly relatable. On her podcast, she is vulnerable in sharing about her own process and talks about both the ups and the downs of owning your own business, taking time for yourself, and managing relationships. She often interviews people who work in the wellness/healing space and I've been constantly inspired by her passion to share what she loves, be vulnerable, and connect with others for the learning and inspiration it can provide her listeners. Discovering her podcast also showed me that there is a wellness audience and resources in the South! 

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl :: Rachel Brathen [aka Yoga Girl] has over 2 million followers on Instagram [@yoga_girl], which she grew from simply posting what she loves - when she began that was fancy yoga poses in beautiful places [she lives in Aruba]. However, over the past few years, she has started multiple businesses and is openly passionate about using her influence for the greater good of all living beings. My favorite episodes are those where she simply talks 'from the heart' about what's going on in her life, whether that be in her marriage, with her baby, past trauma, heavy emotions, etc. She is equally vulnerable and open on this podcast as she is in her Instagram stories and posts. She's incredibly inspirational and down to earth and I look forward to listening to hear her perspective and what she has to say

Bridging Realities: An Accessible Astrology Podcast :: I started listening to this podcast over a year ago, when I wanted to dig even deeper into my understanding of astrology. Previously hosted by two women astrologers, Eugenia Krok and Danielle Polgar, it is now hosted solely by Eugenia who is holding it down. I came across this podcast right when I needed it and it has provided me with an astrological lens through which to see myself, my life, and what's happening around me in the world with more clarity and understanding. Their early episodes walk through the signs, planets, and houses in astrology, which I recommend to anyone curious in learning the basics of astrology in an easy, digestible way. From listening to Bridging Realities, I began working with Danielle as an astrologer who I seek readings from a couple times a year AND I learned about a wonderful transformational coach, Rachael Starr Bruck, who I worked with for almost 6 months last year [she's on Ep. 53]

Healers :: I discovered this podcast after learning that my own Breathwork healer and teacher, Erin Telford, was a guest. Hosted by Elizabeth Kendig, a lifestyle editor who recently moved to NYC from the Midwest, Healers spotlights various healing professionals who open up about their journeys, processes, offerings, and much more. Listening to these conversations has provided beautiful expansion for me to imagine what the life and journey of a healer could be like. If you're looking to work with a healer, but don't know enough about the various modalities out there, this podcast is a great place to learn about many ways you can seek healing support

Tarot for the Wild Soul: Deep Conversations and Tarot Medicine for your Soul's Evolution :: This podcast is hosted by Lindsay Mack, an intuitive healer, holistic counselor, and tarot reader.  Lindsay's monthly medicine episodes are EVERYTHING. She is such a clear channel for intuitive guidance, and her monthly medicine always seems to hit the nail on the head, wherever I'm at