Seasonal Defense + Immune Support


The days are at their shortest this time of year, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am almost constantly on the brink of getting sick. My energy levels are consistently lower and more temperamental than in the sunnier months. Maintaining my health requires a lot more support and even with that support, sometimes I still get sick. Like this past weekend, when I finally was hit hard by the worst head cold I’ve had in years that I’m still recovering from. I’ve always has a strong immune system and rarely get sick. Even when I do, I usually get over whatever I’ve come down with pretty quickly with some extra rest and self care. But when I do get really sick, it’s always humbling for me. Humbling because it reminds me that I too am human and susceptible to illness. When I get really sick, I’m forced to lay low and in the long run I always feel truly reset and refreshed once I’ve recover. I’ve been hearing coughs and sniffles all around me, and from what I’m hearing from others, I’m not alone with feeling low energy and/or coming down with something. So, I thought I’d take a moment to post some things that have been aiding me in regaining my strength and vitality [hint: it predominantly has to do with resting, but I know that’s not always easy or possible for many, so I’m providing some alternatives and additions]. Because after all, we’ve still got the thick of the holidays and a few months of winter ahead of us to make it through -

REST / SLEEP :: I’ll keep this explanation short because I think it speaks for itself. We all need more rest. All the time. So, whenever you have a chance to go to sleep earlier, sleep in, nap, or just essentially rest more, do it! Or you’ll end up like me unable to leave the house for over 48 hours once you do get sick [yes, consider this a warning!]

GARLIC EAR OIL :: I began making and using this folk remedy for a reason other than immune support but I was happy to learn that it is also a tool for fighting off cold viruses. I make it myself by chopping a garlic clove, placing it in a bowl, pouring 2 tablespoons of high quality organic olive oil over it, and letting it sit for 3 hours. Then I strain it out and pour it into a dropper bottle. I put a dropper full in each ear for 10 minutes each as needed

ELDERBERRY SYRUP :: This is another folk remedy that has been something I reach for when I have a cough or scratchy throat, but it wasn’t till last year that I began making my own and began using it regularly to support my immune system. I ordered the berries dried and organic in bulk, looked up a recipe, and landed on this one that I’ve somewhat adopted [by using honey to taste instead of how much the recipe calls for]. Buying it already made is a good shortcut if you need it in a pinch [it’s also called Sambucus], but making it yourself saves a lot of money and it makes your home smell delicious when simmering! For general immune support I take 1 tablespoon a day [5 days on, 2 days off] and when using it to build back my immunity when sick, I take it as needed for a cough or 1 tablespoon 3 times a day until I recover

STAYING WARM :: I’m talking warming foods, teas, herbs, warm clothes [scarves, slippers, socks, robes], baths, hot showers, whatever keeps you warm. Do one over and over, do them all, just make sure you’re staying warm

ACUPUNCTURE :: I took myself to acupuncture the other day to support my immunity and help me get over this cold and she sent me home with some herbs to help dry out my nose and respiratory system. Well, they’re helping and I’m so glad! The ones she sent me home with are called Bi Yan, but definitely consult a practitioner before trying them out for yourself


SOOTHING SALVE :: If you do come down with something and find yourself blowing your nose every 2 minutes, your also going to find yourself with a very sore and dry nose on the outside. I’ve been constantly applying some a skin soothing salve I had on hand that was a gift, but any all natural salve, raw shea butter, coconut oil, lip balm, etc. you have on hand will do

FRESH AIR :: It’s easy to stay cozied up inside when it’s cold out, but getting a little fresh air each day [at least] is so important to get a little fresh air each day. Even if that’s only cracking the windows for a couple minutes to let some fresh in to your space can do wonders for your mind and for clearing out the stagnant inside air

I’ll leave you with that! Take care of yourself, cause you deserve it.


*DISCLAIMER: I am not licensed medical care provider and I am not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider.