Held From Within is a 4-Week Journey with 1:1 Support for your Healing & Self-Discovery that is only offered a limited amount of times each year.

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Held From Within

A 4-week Journey Within with 1:1 Support for Your Healing & Self-Discovery


Are you someone who deeply desires connecting with your inner guidance and breaking free from what is getting in the way of living life from your inner authority - the way that feels best to you?

Do you experience fear and anxiety whenever you want to make a big change in your life? Or do you find yourself unable to take action in your life without asking others what they think about it?

Does the thought of acting on the desires and dreams you have for yourself feel exciting, yet scary at the same time? Or do you feel overwhelmed or even paralyzed by big, intense emotions that make it difficult to act on your desires?

Maybe you find yourself answering yes to one or more of these questions and nodding along as you read them. Or maybe you already identify as intuitive, but you have trouble acting on what it is guiding you to do.

In any case, if you relate to what you’re reading so far…

You are in the right place.



“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.
Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”

-Diane Von Furstenberg

Let me tell you a story…

A few years back, I became the most confused and stuck I had ever been in my life.

Shortly before this I was feeling pretty content and proud of the life I had created for myself, that I’d worked long and hard to create. I was thriving in an office job that seemed to come quite naturally to me. My social life looked like the buzzing NYC social life you see in the movies. I was also finally in a supportive romantic relationship that was helping me grow in ways I was uncomfortable doing so before. Oh, not to mention, I also felt like I was making my family proud.

On the surface it all looked pretty nice, and in many ways it was, but below the surface I was struggling. I’d always been ‘intense’, ‘sensitive’, ‘too much’, ‘not enough’ and I had gotten really good at shoving down much of what I felt and pretending that everything was fine, until something would trigger me and I’d explode. I was exhausted and conflicted most of the time because I felt like I had to be a certain way to maintain the lifestyle I was living.

Until one day, it hit me - This life was no longer working for me.

I heard this call loud and clear and it reverberated through every bone and cell of my being, but I had absolutely no clue where to begin. The voice I heard that gave me this message spoke clear and unwavering, so I figured I’d start there. I began listening to my inner voice that would chime in when I got quiet enough, and eventually, I was guided. The steps I needed to take began to unfold as I began listening and cultivated a trusting relationship with this voice. It eventually guided me to the place I had tried to avoid for nearly my whole life, where my pain lived. The place where all my unprocessed and unexpressed emotions hide out. It was there that I eventually found what I had been looking for all along - clarity about my purpose and the next steps I needed to take to live it.

Through this process and commitment to strengthening my relationship to my inner guidance and learning to trust it, I have allowed myself to become my own authority on all things related to my life. My relationship to my intuition has strengthened and I listen to it above all. This is the relationship that has changed everything for me for the better - and life just keeps getting better!

I share this story to let you know that…

I see you. I hear you.

And I want you to know that all the answers and support you seek exists within you.


‘...it was so important for me as a human being to be able to connect with myself in this way. This would not have been possible if it wasn't for Maya and her loving support and the safe space that she held for me while I dove deep into this breathwork with her. She is a skilled healer and guide. She was able to assist me when I needed it and also allowed me the comfort and space to arrive where I needed to be with myself. Only a gifted healer can do that for their clients.’

-Christina L.


‘Maya holds the most exquisite space for her clients to drop into their healing. She is so incredibly intuitive, grounded & nurturing. I felt seen and heard by her non-judgmental presence. We journeyed through so many different layers. At times it was very emotional and heavy/intense and other times it was light and expansive. What a gift she is bringing to this world!"

-Rachel F.


Held From Within

A 4-week Journey Within with 1:1 Support for Your Healing & Self-Discovery


This journey will help you develop the relationship you have with your Self.

It will be a very personalized journey and no two experiences will look exactly the same. This is because we will let your heart, soul, and spirit take the lead.

I will share with you the practices and resources that have helped me on my journey.

During the entire 4 weeks, I will support you with intuitive guidance and mentorship, heart-centered space holding, and by teaching and guiding you through Breathwork, a self-healing modality which you can continue working with and practicing for life.

Upon completion, you will feel lighter, more clear on your direction and intentions, and more connected to your inner guidance and spirituality - a relationship that will help you throughout your whole life.


Week 1: Introduction & Intention Setting

75-minute Softening Session & Breathwork

60-minutes of therapeutic talk and intuitive guidance around the topic of Intention Setting +
15 minutes of Breathwork to introduce the breathing and open up the heart -

During this session we’ll seek to answer questions like:

  • What are your intentions for this 4-week journey?

  • Where in your life are you holding on and where are you ready to let go?

  • What most needs your attention?

  • What areas of your life are you most wanting to receive support in?

  • How can I best support you?

Week 2: Digging Deeper

60-minute Breathwork Session

Our 60-minutes together will begin with a check in and therapeutic talk, followed by Breathwork.

This week we will focus on digging deeper past the mind and into your body where true healing can occur. Deeper connection to your intuition, clarity, emotional release, and more is all on the table and ready for the taking during your Breathwork Session.

Week 3: Allowing & Softening

60-minute Softening Session

60-minutes of therapeutic talk and intuitive guidance around the topics of Allowing & Softening as it relates to your experience -

During this session we’ll seek to answer questions together like:

  • What has shown up since last week’s Breathwork Session?

  • Any new learnings or clarity coming through?

  • What emotions are arising and what are they telling you?

  • Where are you feeling stuck, confused, or needing to ‘figure it all out’?

Week 4: Inner Wisdom + Conclusion

75-minute Breathwork Session + Wrapping it all up

Our 75-minutes together will begin with a quick check in and talk around the topic of Inner Wisdom as it relates to your experience, followed by Breathwork, and time spent wrapping it all up at the end -

During this session we’ll focus on answering questions like:

  • How has your intuition been revealing itself to you?

  • What does your inner knowing have to say to you?

  • How can you support the connection to your intuition and inner knowing you’ve cultivated during our time together into your life beyond this program?


‘ …I can’t even begin to express what working with Maya has done for me emotionally. This work is still with me and has been like a trickle effect. She has changed my life! She held space for me and gave me all the tools I needed. I’m so excited for the fruit of our labors and what it will bring forth for years to come! From her setup to her playlists, this babe offers the lux treatment. She makes it such a treat and it left me feeling refreshed and thirsty for more. Thank you, Maya, for this beautiful work.’
-Susanna M.


‘For anyone who is interested in self growth / connectedness, I would highly recommend working with Maya.’

-Megan O.

What you’ll get…

+2 sixty-minute Breathwork Healing Sessions & 1 fifteen-minute mini Breathwork Session

+2 sixty-minute Softening Sessions

+Unlimited email support during the entirety of the 4-weeks

- BONUS / Optional -

+1 optional twenty-minute check in call 1-2 weeks after your final session

+Participation in any Virtual Breathwork Groups that take place during the course of this program

This is for you if…

  • You’re craving or currently making a shift in one or more areas of your life [career, relationships, physical location, lifestyle, etc.], but you don’t know where to begin or want support

  • You feel overwhelmed by intense emotions such as fear/anxiety, sadness/grief, and anger

  • You want to cultivate or strengthen your relationship with your intuition

  • You’re ready to do the work, despite fear, resistance, doubt, and confusion, because there is a desire to grow

  • You’re struggling to show up in relationships [family, friends, romantic]
    in ways that support you and the healing and growth you desire

  • You’re seeking clarity and want to feel in alignment with your heart, soul, and spirit’s desires

This is not for you if…

  • You cannot commit to 60-90 minute weekly sessions for the full 4-week program

  • You are seeking a group healing experience exclusively

  • You want to be told exactly what to do - this experience is about connecting with and receiving support from your voice within / intuition / inner knowing with guidance and additional support from me

  • You are not open to suggestions, guidance, or recommendations during this process

  • You don’t want to do the breathing and just want to talk - there will however, be ample opportunities to speak and connect through therapeutic conversation. If you do want to begin working with me without Breathwork, you can book a Softening Session here


Held From Within is only open to a limited number of individuals who are ready and willing to explore their inner waters and dive deep into their own healing and self-discovery.

If any of this speaks to you or if there’s even the quietest whisper in your heart that this could be the support you need, I encourage you to apply now to see if this is the right fit for you!

*Upon submitting your application, I will be in touch within 24-hours to schedule a free 20-minute Alignment Call to further ensure we’d be a good fit for working together in this way.

Please email any questions directly to maya@mayakeane.com.