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Breathwork + Sound Healing - HealHaus [Brooklyn]

  • HealHaus 1082 Fulton St. Brookly, NY, 11238 USA (map)

Come join healers Maya Keane and Christina Lovely for an evening of Breathwork + Sound Healing. Both women are passionate about holistic healing and they are love weaving their modalities together for an enhanced experience. Breathwork and sound healing both bring awareness to the present moment, allowing overactive, tired minds to take a break. This makes space for the body to tell us what it needs, and that’s when the real healing occurs. During this event, you will first experience Breathwork, followed by the sound healing. Read on for more info on each modality:

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps you get out of your head and into your body. It acts as emotional hygiene that activates your energy system so you can feel and release all that you may have skipped through too quickly, or may have not given enough credit or validation to in the past. Benefits from Breathwork may include stress and anxiety relief, clear thinking, feelings of lightness and joy, emotional release, grounding, and more. Powerful shifts and transformation can occur in a short amount of time and breathing in a group can feel especially supportive and powerful. You may even get the clarity you’ve been seeking.

Sound healing is a passive meditation where you are invited to practice the simple art of listening. You will listen to the soothing sounds of a collection of harmonically rich vibrational instruments that are intuitively played to take you on a journey of relaxation and healing. With sound you can enter into a deeper level of inner quiet and connection with your spirit, which then further activates the natural process of healing. Many of the benefits from sound healing are the same as those from Breathwork and when experienced together the results are palpable.

Whether you’re familiar with Breathwork and/or sound healing or not, this will be a night not to be missed!

Exchange: $45

Christina Lovely is a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner that brings compassion to her healing practice. She has extensive experience in bodywork and healing modalities including Energy Healing, Vibrational Sound Healing, and Intuitive Healing. Christina utilizes an innate holistic wisdom to harmonize the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies to bring her clients into balance. She combines her intuitive insights with her energetic healing tools in a powerful combination of Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, bodywork, aesthetics, breath and sound healing treatments. She is able to dive deep with her clients while providing a safe and well cared for environment. The belief is that tremendous potential lies within each person is the integral principle in Christina’s practice, guiding her to support clients in connecting with the heart, allowing her clients to strengthen their emotional vitality and harvest a deeper life force of simplicity. She is a textile and visual artist with a love of combining colorful aesthetic into her healing sessions. []